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Five Essential Steps for Small Business Marketing

28. February 2013

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      5 Essentials of Small Business Marketing to Keep You Ahead of the Competition Small business marketing isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’ve been in marketing for more than two seconds, you already know that. Marketing your business is dependent upon doing some key factors well and these things will […]

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Seven Advantages to Using LinkedIn for Business

26. February 2013



  Hey Small Business Owners: You’re Using LinkedIn, Right? LinkedIn needs to be ranked among the big three of social media sites, right along with Facebook and Twitter. But LinkedIn is really more important for your small business because unlike its rivals, this social-media site focuses particularly on business. This means that, you won’t have […]

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Using Facebook to Market Your Business

21. February 2013



        Traveling in Facebookistan: A Guide for Businesses With 9 billion users, Facebook is far and away the most used social network in the world. If Facebook were a country, it would contain the third largest population, behind China and India. And like China and India, Facebook possesses its own unique customs […]

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Ebelskivers for a Romantic Breakfast in Bed!

5. February 2013



As a big fan of anything brunch, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But when it comes to Ebelskivers, they are definitely in my top 3 favorite breakfast foods! They are Danish pancakes – little, delicious pancake balls filled with apples, jam, nutella, or whatever tickles your fancy. They are very versatile, can be either […]

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Show Your Company A Little LOVE This Month

4. February 2013



  As this month is Valentine’s day, a holiday dedicated to showing the ones you care about how much you love them, why not show a little to your company? It’s been more than a month since the holidays ended, and now that we are in the second month of the new year, and some […]

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